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Without inventions yesterday, we would vegetate if inventions of the present Slowdowns are our kids vegetate.F.Stelzer These years ago recognized the potential of the German genius inventor. Conventional internal combustion engine consist of minimum 300 parts, leading to the well-known technical and financial problems (for the customer). Short overview of the history of the development of the Stelzer Motor  
In the second level of development the number of main parts where reduced from 7 to 5 and the orientation of the ignition plugs was change from outside to inside
The named for him consists of only eight (!) Parts, of which only one (!), The piston, moving. Moreover, his engine fairly indestructible and almost maintenance-free. A nightmare for anyone verschleissfreudigen car manufacturer! To overpriced whose business includes all know,the artificial Verkomplizierung and the early scrapping of their (still mostly tasteless) products. Frank Stelzer had tried in vain for decades, its ingeniously simple but highly efficient engine in series production. Many large European and American automobile companies had shown interest, but only at the sole right of this brilliant motor forever in their vaults to disappear. Stelzer was always fighting, and even blocked denounced imprisoned. Despite the years since the current climate debate have environmental groups and governments never for the incredibly flexible and energiefreundlichen engine. The lobby of the car companies, a large part of economic power, there was simply too powerful. he overwhelming assessments of his work in 1980 was the eulogy to him by engineer Peter Otto Frank Stelzer (STELZER MOTOR): "A. Buehler applicable. Today as yesterday. The Görlitz engine structure Frank Stelzer has just about sparing his invention with a two-stroke free-level plunger all interested parties from USA and Germany. The STELZERMOTOR share consists of eight, seven of which pictures the cylinder and eighth is part of a graduated flask. The invention is that the levels of both sides piston axial BrenneKammern are inside, between which one other chamber. STELZER MOTOR Meyer Lexicon has continued verewigt.DerStelzer engine named after Görlitzer designer Frank Stelzer, and after the two-stroke method (combustion Moto)-working, free-piston engine with two BrenneRäumen and a double-acting, which mehrstufenkolben from the engine block amplifiers outstanding work as a real Pistons in the BrenneRäumen glide. The year 1980 was the first time in STELZER MOTOR Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). . Two, freifliegendenKolben generated at hoheLeistungen Frequencies up to 30,000 1/min The STELZER MOTOR oneTechnisches revolution is and Modernisierung all car engines. MOTOR DerSTELZER is alsGenerator (influx production). Pump or compressor (fürDruckluft) einsetzbar.Ein prototype has been located since 1996 in the German museum Owns / Munich 
Application possibilities:  With Compressor: Only part bewgt for compressed air generation. Water pump: with the Pistons freifliegendem directly from water filters cleaned, desalinates, irrigation, etc. Hydraulic Pressure: The free-piston is directly Ölduck for construction equipment, generators, etc. produced Hydraulic Pressure: The free-piston is directly Ölduck for construction equipment, generators, etc. produced ...  ... Because here is to recognize that with much less effort higher, you have to recognize that you can solve problems that have not been solved because too expensive.For example, the Third World from the Vegetation inExistieren lead.
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Stelzer Motor

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